I can help make it happen...

I recently switched careers from a high school math teacher to a financial consultant at Equitable Advisors to pursue my passion of educating and helping individuals to reach financial freedom. My goal is to build strong relationships fueled by trust, honesty, and commitment while establishing a personalized financial plan.
I enjoy solving problems, a passion of mine that can be traced back to the days of fractions and multiplication tables. Fast forward a few years... and now my partner and I are looking at a different set of problems and finding the best solutions. Along the way we have the opportunity to meet some amazing individuals and learn their story! What a wonderful career, no two days are ever alike!
When not in the office or meeting with clients, I love spending time on bike rides or weekend hikes. You might even see me playing golf with some of my closest friends. Regardless of the activity, I have been pretty lucky to have a great inner circle of people I could really grow and learn from.